Company Profile

About Taimerica

Taimerica specializes in economic development and location strategy for businesses, communities, and states worldwide. Since 1997 we have been leaders in designing and executing location and development strategies that work for our clients. More than 80 clients in Latin and North America have engaged Taimerica with their most challenging development assignments.

If you want more than a me-too strategy that looks like every other community, Taimerica has unsurpassed analytical capabilities: peer-reviewed methods, proprietary databases,  in-house capabilities in Geographic Information Systems, multivariate statistical modeling and fuzzy set logic (the algorithm used in the Google search engine). Our strategies build competitive advantage for our clients because of these analytical capabilities.

Taimerica is different from other development consultants in several important ways. Ph.D. training in development economics gives us an extended range of peer-reviewed ideas and methods for diagnosing development constraints.  With more than 20 years of economic development practice, our principals know what works in practice and what is destined to become the latest fad in development.  We offer solutions that avoid both faulty theory and faulty practice.

Our Services

While we are often asked to help clients design one-of-a-kind initiative such as shale gas target lists or specialized economic models, most of our project experience fits within the following list of solutions:

  • Economic models including economic impact assessments
  • Target industry and technology studies
  • Site selection and real estate evaluation
  • Global marketing strategies
  • Organizational design and balanced scorecard
  • Strategic planning
  • Incentives
  • Speaking
  • Energy-related economic development