As nationally recognized experts, Taimerica principals have been trainers at the Auburn Economic and Community Development Institute, the Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mid-South Basic Economic Development Courses, for IEDC, for the Economic Development Institute at Troy University and for the Economic Developers Association of Russia (ASSET) in St. Petersburg.

Taimerica principals have the academic credentials to develop and teach graduate level courses in economics, development economics, economic geography, and political economy.  Our specialty is the design of short-courses tailored to the needs of development practitioners.  Recent examples include:

  • Winning Investments in a Globalized World
  • Targeted Marketing in Economic Development
  • Strategic Planning for Economic Development
  • Future Development Opportunities in Alternative Energy Technologies
  • Basic Economic Development Course

We welcome the opportunity to assist state and regional professional associations with their training needs.  Call or email Ed Bee to discuss your ideas for formal training and annual conferences.

Aerial view of St.Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia, site of training course conducted for ASSET.