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    • July 2012   What Does the Crisis in the Euro Zone Mean for Economic Developers in the USA?
    • March 2013   Low Cost No Longer Drives Location Activity
    • June 2013    The Creative Class:  Formula for Economic Development or for Partisan Politics?
    • September 2013  Small Business As The Engine of Economic Growth:  Still Waiting for Godot
    • January 2014  The Trilemma In A Service Economy
    • July 2014   GIS Tools for Finding the Optimum Industrial and Business Park Sites
    • July 2014   Does Economic Development Spawn Happiness?
    • January 2015  The Dynamics of National Job Generation
    • September 2015 Port Impacts are Underestimated in Traditional Impact Studies
    • September 2015 Taimerica’s SITA Model
    • January 2016 How Evil Are Incentives
    • January 2016 When Will Job Growth Revive in the Energy Sector
    • January 2016  More Evidence on the Importance of Port Infrastructure
    • June 2016 How Long a Run of Static Wages in the U.S. Economy
    • June 2016 The Economic Development Message that Voters are Screaming at the Presidential Candidates
    • April 2018 Fake News in Economic Development
    • April 2018 Taimerica Produces Industrial Market Maps