Tax incentives have become a core strategy for economic development organizations in the last twenty years.  Incentives also have become a controversial public policy issue with attacks from both the political right and left.  Both liberals and conservatives label incentives as corporate welfare that wastes public resources.  EDOs are caught in the middle of this debate and need a strong justification of their incentive programs.

While some incentive programs waste public resources, others are effective tools for stimulating job and investment growth.  Even the academic literature is beginning to recognize their role in stimulating economic development.

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Dr. Ed Bee is a nationally recognized authority on incentive design and evaluation.  He has experience evaluating the economic benefits of statewide incentive programs in Louisiana and Missouri.  Bee developed and teaches a Master’s level course on the benefits and costs of economic development incentives at Murray State University in Kentucky.  He also developed the highly acclaimed training program on incentive evaluation for economic development executives in Louisiana.

Bee has twenty-five years of professional experience designing incentives that attract new investment without diminishing government cash flow, such as the Oklahoma, Louisiana and Missouri Quality Jobs programs.

Whether you are looking for a professional team to evaluate the effectiveness of your current incentive programs or you need an incentive policy designed for your specific economy and community that delivers positive cash flow to your government stakeholders or you need training for your volunteer and management team, Taimerica is the firm to call.